Remove Content Editor box from Custom Post Type

The following snippet of code will remove the content editor box from a specific custom post type.

Advanced Custom Fields If have field echo value   Recently updated !

The following snippet is for Advanced Custom Fields and will echo the field if it exists.

Show Content Only on Home Page or Front Page

The following code will allow you to display content on the home page, or front page, only.

If you want to use this as a conditional statement you could do the following:

Search Engine Bot IP Addresses

Below is a list of the major search engine bot IP address ranges.  It is a good idea to whitelist these to make sure they can access your website.  If you use iThemes Security Pro you can do this in the “Global Settings” area and copy and paste the CIDR […]

Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL on Cloudways

I recently just decided to make the switch over to Cloudways for my hosting platform and have been struggling through some of the changes.  Cloudways offers a free SSL through Let’s Encrypt and setting it up is usually fairly easy.  The only catch with Cloudways is that you have to […]

Change Number of Posts Displayed on Taxonomy Template Page

Here is how to change the number of posts that are display on a Taxonomy Template page within WordPress. So let’s say you want to show 20 posts of two different taxonomies but want the blog to show the default number of posts. Add the following to your functions.php template: […]

Remove Revolution Slider Meta Box from Pages

The following snippet will remove the annoying Metabox on your pages that Slider Revolution adds. Just add this to your functions.php and watch the metabox dissappear.

Code originally found here:

Hide All WordPress Updates from a Specific User

Here is how to hide ALL update notifications in the WordPress admin area for a specific username. So if you wanted to hide updates when your client logins to WordPress you could use this. It is important to note that this is not recommended unless you plan on routinely updating […]

PHP Schedule Content Between Two Dates

The following bit of code will allow you to schedule content between two dates set in php. So if you want to have say an announcement show up on your website and a certain date and then disappear after another date you can set that up using this code.